Though the Girls of BDIPC Are Nowhere near over Cx

Though the girls of BDIPC are nowhere near over CX season, Belgium’s opening weekend is waiting patiently outside HQ with a waffle iron and a sixer of Jupiler, and, well, as we often say here at HQ, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. And road season is well underway now that Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne are here. These equally exciting, yet very different courses kick off Classics season with the just kind of bang we like best. And since Belgium so generously packs two of our favorites into a single weekend, we figured we’d return the favor by packing two of our favorite Dudes in, too. Into a single post, we mean.

pro cyling

We’ve had a photo of Niki Terpstra pinned to the BDIPC corkboard long before the end of last year’s road season, and that’s a fair approximation of what we’d like to have been doing to him in the offseason. But since our season never truly ends, we’re reduced to watching Niki nail the competition–a position we’re quite unaccustomed to–at Omloop. Disappointing, really, since Omloop’s profile brings a new meaning to multiples. There are so many peaks that our abs ache just imagining it. The official profile marks ten, but that’s like a Dude massively under-billing his, ah, abilities: If you really got a load of what was coming your way, well, you might wonder if you were up for a job that size. In any case, Terpstra’s experience on the track gives him a raw, explosive sort of power that will certainly come in handy. As will we surely be.

podium kisses for Niki Terpstra

Sunday at Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, we’ll have our eyes all over Arnaud Démare. Finishing just off the K-B-K podium in 2012, Arnaud will certainly be returning with a fire in his loins, and that’s just the way we like him. Unlike Omloop, K-B-K teases with a slow build to an intense second half that features some legendary ascents. But where Omloop never lets up, K-B-K eases off to let the Dudes recover before the final sprint to the finish, which is where we’ll be watching for Démare to whip it out. And since Démare’s the kind of Dude who won the first World Tour race he competed in (Vattenfall Cyclassics), we’re expecting something big.

pro cyling

But no matter what happens this weekend, there will be no rest for the wicked. In like a lioness, March brings us Strade Bianche, Paris-Nice, and Tirreno-Adriatico, one atop the other. And then, of course, the first of the Monuments, la Primavera: Milan-San Remo. Suffice it to say what happens in Belgium won’t be staying in Belgium, and it would be wise to begin strengthening your stamina posthaste. After all, the single-day races are merely a warmup for the weeklong stage races, and those, a prelude to the Big Dance(s). Better bone up on your night moves, Dudes, the girls of BDIPC aren’t here to sleep.

We’re not ready to say “See you in September!” quite yet, so our CX season wrapup is still in the hopper. In addition to that, we remain contractually obligated to keep the news we continue to tease you with under wraps, but trust the payoff is going to be well worth the wait.