Instead of Sven Nys, say, why not Sven Vanthourenhout?

Few things are as titillating as a secret dalliance. Every rendezvous makes your heart race in anticipation. Soon. Time slows to a crawl when you’re away from each other, and when finally you’re together everything shifts into warp speed. Don’t close your eyes. All of your senses are heightened, and every time you touch it feels like something you’ve got to remember. Please, God, don’t let me forget this. And before you know it, you’re saying goodbye and regretting all you didn’t do. Next time, darling, I promise.

And though getting caught seems to be part of the deal, there are ways to circumnavigate that, too. No matter how subtle you think you’re being, you’re not. Almost everyone speaks fluent body language. Trust no one. And though the loinsheart wants what it wants, if you have a choice, choose a Dude on the edge of the limelight. Instead of Sven Nys, say, why not Sven Vanthourenhout? You won’t even have to learn a new name to scream.

pro cycling

Making his debut half a lifetime ago, Sven burst onto the cyclocross scene when he stormed to victory at Belgian CX Nationals three times running, and he’s hardly slowed down since. A Dude for all seasons, he’s shown his prowess in the road season as well. We do love a Dude who knows how to, ahem, work a crit. But what truly caught our eye was last season’s post-Worlds win at Maldegem, a place that holds a special memory or two in the minds of the girls of BDIPC. (Don’t get excited, loves. Ladies never tell…that we left our converter there. Oops.)

pro cycling

Forgetful though we may be, one thing we’ll never forget are the feverish details of a fiery tryst. No one knows us here. But even if it happened, keeping it between the two of us is, well, unspoken. Shhh. Don’t wake the others. Trust us, keeping a secret is twice as good as selling your story. One more time before I have to go. Because once it’s all over, the memory is the last thing-and sometimes the only thing-you’ll share.Sven will we be together again? And in its own way, just the knowing…well, that feels as good as money in the spank bank.