How Lovely It Is to Have the Girls of Bdipc

How lovely it is to have the girls of BDIPC together again at HQ! We’ve been spending our reunion week tiptoeing around our fearless founder’s unexpectedly severe jetlag, waiting for actual 35mm film to be developed, perfecting our waffles, and watching the replay of Worlds on repeat. Much of our time together has been engaged in debating the finer details of when it’s better to experience Koksijde in the flesh versus when it’s preferable to enjoy Koksijde at your bedside. You know, the kind of Koksijde you can turn off and stow away. Are you picking up what we’re putting down?

Experiencing Koksijde in the flesh is not to be missed, but we know the majority of you were unable to make the trip. Understandable: There were times when HQ seemed like the only place to be, too. But BDIPC is used to going the distance, so we did it foryou. And we did it all night. We did it over the ocean. In planes, on trains. In the sand and in the mud, on no sleep and in our sleep. We did it in cars and in vans, on couches and in borrowed, shared beds. We did it in strange hotels in multiple countries, and then we did it all the way back again. Today, we bring you the first in a series of three of BDIPC’s favorite Dudes of the 2012 Cyclocross World Championships.

pro cyling

Rob Peeters

BDIPC knows that the man on top is generally not the guy you want to bring home that night. The first finisher? Nee dank je. We’re interested in the man who comes second. Though he had a solid 2011/12 season, we can’t recall a performance as memorable as this from Peeters. He seems to have blown it all at Worlds, too, as we haven’t seen one like it since then. But we’ll accept that. In fact, we can relate to putting it all out there for an…opportunity that may never present itself again. See, if the tables were turned, we’d take him up on it. Because BDIPC’s pretty sure that Rob’s the kind of guy that’d make sure we came first.

Tune in tomorrow and Sunday post-Middelkerke and Heuts for the second and third installments of our Worlds (un)coverage, and don’t forget to send us your thoughts on ‘cross. Hashtag your tweets with #BDIPC, find us on Facebook, send us an email, use a skywriter. After this weekend, our regular Thursday post will be the Top Ten Most Bangable of 2011/12 CX, and that’ll be your last shot until August. Use it wisely.