We at BDIPC have found it especially difficult to move on from CX season this year. Like an excellent lover you knew was moving away, it’s a challenge to fully disengage. But as we’ve said before, one of our favorite ways to get over somebody is to get under somebody. Though we maintain a healthy appreciation for the season’s hot openings Down Under, we consider the true start of the season to be the first single-day Classic. This weekend sees both Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne, and we can’t not be a little excited about starting the season with a Bang or two. Aren’t you?

We kick off BDIPC’s (un)coverage of the 2012 road season with a Dude who spent much of 2011 going down. Unfortunately, ‘going down’ for Matti Breschel (pictured with Saxo Bank, now with Rabobank) involved stitches, blood, and broken bones. But with his strong showing last week at the Volta ao Algarve, Matti looks to be in fine form for both Omloop and KBK. A talented tactician and a solid sprinter, Matti has not only proven his ability to get up there and stay up there, but he finishes with so much more than you’d think he has in him.

Truthfully, the hours-long rollercoasters of the Classics will be a welcome shift from the one-hour wham-bam-thank you ma’am CX races. With the cobblestones giving BDIPC that rough ride we’re so fond of, it’ll feel just like CX. Except it won’t end quite as abruptly. And there will be four times as many men there. Pardon us! We lost the plot there for a moment. But never you mind, Matti. If you can keep it up until you make your return to Gent, we’ll take care of the going down. Fasten your helmet, Breschel. It’s gonna be a bumpy night.

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