On the brink of the 2012 Cyclocross World Championships, we at BDIPC find it only appropriate that we celebrate the reign of the current world champion: Zdenek Stybar. One of the handful of Dudes who get down on the road and in the mud, Styby’s having a late-season resurgence in the results department. And not a moment too soon, either: With the World Cup all but decided and the Superprestige and GvA series wins arguably out of reach, the six-time Czechoslovakian national champion will need to lay it all out in Koksijde to prove to his rivals that he’s the one who belongs on top.

As we’re sure you know, there’s something we love about a man who goes hard all year long. Now, now: Other than just the fact that he goes hard all year long! The girls of BDIPC hadn’t been able to nail exactly what it is until we scanned the Omega Pharma Quick-Step presentation after Liévin. The ease with which Stybar shifts from the quick and muddy races of autumn to the long, sun-soaked stages of summer soothes us, somehow. It’s as if he’s saying, “Do not worry, fair maidens. I will complete whatever tasks fill your Czech list with a combination of brute strength and my distinctly European sense of style.” And BDIPC is sure you can imagine the long list of things we’d like this Czech to fill. But in the meantime, Styby, we’ll watch for you to make a move at Hoogerheide, and hope that you back us into a corner in Koksijde. Czech, mate. 

We are beyond pleased to anounce that BDIPC is sending our creator and head writer to Koksijde, Belgium for the 2012 Cyclocross World Championships. Though she’s been lucky enough to have had housing and access to the races arranged for her, intercontinental airfare is a serious expense for a website that currently does it for the LOLs. If you’re one of BDIPC’s readers breathlessly anticipating all the juicy posts she’ll bang out in Koksijde, please consider buying her some frites

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