Sourcing images to use in post is, admittedly, not the worst part of my day. But the photographer’s aesthetic can turn a Dude from raging-ladyboner-inducing to lights-out-from-behind material in the click of the shutter. And of course, in terms of quality, I often think, “Sure, that’s some impressive equipment, but can you deliver?” But no matter the medium, the best appreciations are mutual. London-based photographer Laura Fletcher and I were introduced late last year. We exchanged a few enthusiastic emails, and then promptly lost touch for months. But in July, our paths fortuitously happened to cross…in France. During our brief time together, she shared her plan with me–a calendar featuring the men of the ProTour in precisely the position you’re most interested in seeing them: ready to be pinned to the wall, of course. I caught up with Laura over Skype last week, and she gave me a sneak peek as we went a little deeper into her concept.


Kelly Minx Riordan: Hi lovely!

Laura Fletcher: Good morning.

KMR: Good evening! How have you been since I saw you last?

LF: Good! Busy. How was the rest of the Tour?

KMR: It was interesting. I only really hit my stride at the end of my time there. I was super sad the day you left; the boys teased me at dinner about how disappointed I was that you and I hadn’t had more time together. There are so few women…

LF: Awwww. Next year we have to plan better.

KMR: No kidding. So how are the shoots coming? Who have you got so far and who’s up next?

LF: I have 8 done, 4 to go. So far I’ve shot Alex Dowsett, Jens Voigt, Nathan Haas, Steele Von Hoff, George Bennett, Alex Howes, Taylor Phinney, and Michael Hepburn. I’ll be shooting Pippo Pozzato later this month in Monaco, and I’m just trying to schedule times with Thomas Dekker and Andy Fenn. Of course there are a few I would love, but haven’t had contact with: Boonen, Cancellara, Cavendish, Kittel. You got Kittel!

KMR: I know! I almost died. [Argos-Shimano’s] press officer was so helpful, though. Have you had to go through the guys’ press officers or do you just get the guys alone and set up a time to meet?

LF: So far the only one that was set up by a press officer was Jens (Thanks, Tim!). Word of mouth goes a long way. I shot Michael Hepburn last week and no one had the images yet except for him and myself, and I got a text from Dowsett last night saying “Just seen Hepburn’s pic, amazing!” and I was like, whoa, how did you see it? They are all at a race and GreenEdge is at the next dinner table. Apparently they are all passing around this photo…

KMR: What’s your favorite story to tell about shooting the calendar so far?

LF: Ha! That may be confidential! Joking. Well, maybe. But I think possibly shooting Michael Hepburn on a busy street in Girona–the amount of looks we were getting from tourists was pretty priceless. Hanging out on a boat with Alex Howes and Jacob Rathe was pretty priceless too. It’s been great getting to know some of the guys away from races…a good reminder that they are totally human.


KMR: It is easy to forget. How about, um, mishaps or difficulties?

LF: Yes…one of the guys, unnamed for his sake–We had to completely redo the shoot. This was also my fault…but it was just not working. He’s super sweet, and the poses were a little too, let’s say raunchy.

KMR: I didn’t know you had a line to be crossed in terms of raunch.

LF: They were just too raunchy for him. The images all just looked so uncomfortable when I went back and looked at them later. [His shoot] was earlier on in the year, and I’ve worked out now that if I let the guys kind of do what they feel comfortable with, it works a lot better.

KMR: Do the guys come up with their own poses?

LF: It’s a collaboration. I usually start by asking if they have hobbies/ outside interests and we bounce some ideas back and forth. Jens requested to be fishing, but I found the location. Alex Howes wanted to pose with baby zoo animals, but we couldn’t make that work, so we had to use a boat instead. Dekker is the only one who has completely come up with his own ideas to art direct his own shot. Did you know Dekker is a paid underwear model?

KMR: Oh my God. No. I did not know that.

LF: Hold on. I’m looking for it for you.

LF: Watch immediately.

KMR: I am. Oh my God. Oh my GOD. What is happening at 1:34? I have died. You just killed me. Is he contractually obligated to wear his signature underwear when you shoot him?

LF: Well, he wants to be in nothing but a robe…

KMR: So this calendar is your response to the Cyclepassion calendar.

LF: Exactly. Even more so now–I’ve been told the girls that pose in that calendar aren’t paid even though it isn’t for charity.

KMR: Wait, what? That’s some shit.

LF: I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you want to pose for a calendar, go for it, male or female. But I think that with all the equality that women are trying to get in this sport, it’s a bit shit that the Cyclepassion calendar exists where a male version doesn’t.


KMR: Which charity is your calendar benefitting?

LF: A portion is going to Alex Dowsett’s haemophilia charity Little Bleeders, and a portion is going to Taylor Phinney’s Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s, but the majority is going into women’s cycling. The plan at this point is to put it towards the women’s Tour of Britain. I’m working on plans to have it be a daily award for an unpaid rider as essentially only 12 women’s teams in the world are paid. I think it would be awesome to be able to kick a little cash back to the girls and teams that are literally doing it for the love of the sport. A certain male pro cyclist to remain unnamed said something about women’s cycling that really got me thinking. He said, “When we are young, we are all chasing the dream, but after a few years, for us guys, it becomes a job as much as a dream. We wouldn’t do it anymore if we weren’t paid. The girls do it for so much longer than us for the love and the dream.”

KMR: What are your plans for distribution? Are you going to try to get the calendar into shops, or will it all be online?

LF: There will be a few shops around London, but mainly online, I think. I have a bike shop that does international online sales so it’ll be available for everyone. They are kind enough to be doing the distribution free of charge so all the money (except shipping of course) goes right to charity.

KMR: Any plans for you during cyclocross season?

LF: Usually the goal for winter is to try to get somewhere where it isn’t winter…I like to try to ascribe to the cyclists’ year and work my ass off during the season and then take some time off… but who knows! See where work takes me. I’d love to get out to some of the early season races in cool places: Tour Down Under, Oman, Qatar, or San Luis…but really, nothing beats the Giro. I think you need to do your video reportage there next year.

KMR: I would LOVE to.

LF: If they don’t send a videographer, but will send you, I can always film it for you.

KMR: Working with you would be a gas, plus, the guys already KNOW you. We should pitch this. Thanks for taking the time today! I hope we get to chat again before too long. Be well!

LF: Ciao, bella.


The as-yet-unnamed calendar will be available for ordering in early November–just in time for the gifting season! Email Laura for more details, and if you’ve got calendar names (the punnier the better), I think you should tweet them at her. Up next: BDIPC closes out the road season & begins practicing remounts for the upcoming cyclocross season.  


Hi, everybody, it’s me, Minx. Now that you know who I am, it feels a bit like starting over, doesn’t it? I’ve been back from France for over three weeks now, and it’s…well, it’s taken a while for the afterglow to fade. If you’re new here, you must know that I was lucky enough to have been picked up by Bicycling Magazine to travel to the TdF to interview some of the hottest Dudes in professional cycling. There’s a big difference between writing semi-anonymous innuendo and conducting intensely public interviews where every question is an attempt to bait the Dude into setting up a quality “That’s what she said!” But as you must know, I’m a master baiter, and most of the Dudes–especially Jens–were (wired for sound and) down for whatever. Click the photo for the video:
I’ve been trying to write a cohesive wrap-up, but the farthest I’ve come is a list of questions I wish I’d asked, scraps of anecdotes, observations, thoughts. So instead of trying to assemble them into a single story, I’m just going to give it to you raw. It isn’t the first time, and certainly it won’t be the last.
-Everyone is more attractive than they appear to be on television (or one’s pixellated pirated internet feed), and everyone in professional cycling is attractive. The team directors, the media officers, the mechanics…everyone. But the Dudes are in a class of their own. Tan, lean, glossy, they radiate easy strength and laser focus. They are aesthetically pleasing in every possible way
 -For a fair percentage of the Dudes, the television cameras add at least two, maybe three inches. So many are so much smaller than they appear onscreen, and I sincerely hope that does not translate in the chamois area.
-However, for a select few, the cameras seem to subtract four inches: The Dudes who are truly tall are very, very tall, and if this particular fact translates to the chamois area, I doubt it will make much of a difference.
-Varying degrees of casual nudity are in evidence almost everywhere. With very few exceptions, only within a certain radius around the team busses is one guaranteed a pleasurable visual.
-In entirely unrelated news, I do wish I’d asked Marcel Kittel whether they’d had an especially transparent jersey made for him, as the rest of Team Argos-Shimano’s kit didn’t seem to be quite as…diaphanous as his own.  
-No matter how indifferent you think you are nor how professional you’re capable of being, you will not be able to resist placing your hand on Johnny Hoogerland’s back as you walk past him at the start line. 

-We all know now that I interviewed at least one rider who does not, it turns out, possess the qualities which define Bangability. And for the life of me, I cannot imagine why anyone would even want to take, for example, testosterone. The very air around the team bus area is dripping with it; why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
-And finally, a note to aspiring Dudes: Pro Dudes are absolute amateurs when it comes to approaching women. Did one of the Dudes send over a friend to obtain my contact information? Maybe, maybe not. But out of these ten, who would you say is the Dude most likely? Watch, then tell me what you think:

Up next: Although not a single kilometer of la Vuelta has yet been ridden, the road season always feels as if it ends with the TdF. My heart and mind, after all, belong to the Dudes in the dirt. And though I’ll make every effort to write something about the last of the Grandies, you’ll have to excuse me if I seem preoccupied: I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I’ll be working with BTB TV throughout the upcoming ‘cross season! But! Before all that, watch for a special post next week about an amazing project that has no season. I slid right off my chair when first I heard about it, so I can’t wait to share it with you. Until then…

In case you missed them, my TdF stage reports can be found here // here // here // here // and here. The rest of the video interviews are here; just go down and you’ll know what to do. Might I recommend beginning with the bashful, handsome Adam Hansen

If you weren’t already aware, BDIPC tuned two years old earlier this week, so I’m celebrating with the biggest party ever! Bicycling picked me up to help them cover the Tour de France, so I will be posting here for the next two weeks.

(Please note this is filed under “Expert Analysis”.)

Irregular posting will resume in August.

It feels as though Classics season’s only just passed, gone like a one-night stand ghosts in the morning. But out of sight, out of mind, and like the rest of the world, we at BDIPC have Grand Tour season firmly fixed in our sights. And as we’ve become accustomed to fitting it in every morning–the Giro, loves–we’ve been going deep. Italy’s ever-wet weather has put us in the mood, you know? We’ve been reflecting on the astounding depth and breadth–girth, perhaps–of a Grand Tour Dude’s…character. Let’s talk bonifications, shall we? 


Like many of the Dudes on our have-done list, Mark Cavendish's love affair with cycling came early in life and on a mountain bike. Dominant from the very start, he turned pro in 2005. His first major wins came during his breakthrough road season in 2007. Then, in 2008, Wiggins launched him Madison-style into the big leagues. But unlike Wiggins, who cannot go down to save his life, Cav has shown us that he can both go down and hammer it out. He took his first Grand Tour stages in the 2008 season riding for HTC, and he’s been fine-tuning his post-ups ever since. Cav started his 2013 off with a bang, winning the Tour of Qatar decisively. He followed it up with a mediocre Classics season, but we had faith that once the Giro arrived, we’d see the dominant & confident Cav we know & love. He did not disappoint: In typical fashion, he took stage one of the Giro to become the first in the pink this season. And he has continued to assert that dominance–yesterday, he took his 100th career win in a very wet, very fast finish; today, his 101st. 


It’s true that it took us almost two years to come around about Cav. When BDIPC began, we’d all but written him off as a cocky, self-absorbed ass. But it takes one to know one, and as we sang Sagan’s praises earlier this season, we realized the massive miss we’d made on the Manx Missile. Without him, we cannot imagine flamboyant post-ups, post-race interview tantrums, or a single glamour girl giving a spandex-suited Dude so much as a second glance. And speaking of: Even if you can’t get behind Cav, you can’t argue with Peta’s…abundant finish-line enthusiasms. Enthusiasm. Singular. Her support is truly second-to-none. She’s BDIPC’s favorite WAG by a looong shot, and it is our opinion that she’s the best evidence of Cav’s most Bangable quality. Keeping a lady of that magnitude around is proof of some massive…skills, and when it comes right down to it, it’s the skills that pay the bills. So bring the pain, Cav. Make. It. Rain. 


The ink is dry, we’ve got it on lock, and we can’t wait to tell you…but we must. Five months on, every day’s been worth the wait. Soon.

After the shenanigans on the RVV podium, we at BDIPC have been finding it hard (or not-so, depending on your POV) to summon up the enthusiasm to put out. But much like an unexpected erection, inspiration pops up when and where it is ready, and one must be prepared to grasp it at any moment. So when we read this: 


…our fists clenched in anticipation and glee, because the only thing we love better than writing dick jokes is arguing with French housewives. 

Now, we speculated last year upon the care and feeding of Voeckler’s tongue. But in order for you, SAHMs of France, to make an informed decision, we felt it only fair to give Sylvain Chavanel an equal amount of inches. Column inches, of course. (That doesn’t make it sound less sexual, does it? Damn.)


We can’t say that we make a habit out of starting palmares-measuring contests, but we simply cannot resist holding Sylvain’s five National titles against Tommy’s lack thereof. We’re not saying, we’re just saying…that we appreciate a Dude who’s proven himself to be the best at what he does. And not to belabor the point, but Sylvain’s coming into the 2013 season hot after his successful defense at Driedaagse van De Panne. On the entirely superficial side, we suggest giving a bit of a think to Chavanel’s nickname: “la Machine”, given on account of his exceptional stamina and determination. Really, no matter how dextrous the Dude, we at BDIPC rarely turn down a mechanical assist, and let’s be honest! You don’t, either.


So. Bzzz. Back on topic. On second thought, perhaps we’ve been a little too stubborn. In fact, Mesdames, you can forget everything we’ve said. Bzzz! You can keep Voeckler, that sweet little gassy cabbage. That’s fine. We’ve got our hands full with all these parts, and we’re finding ourselves unable to think of anything but hardware. Bzzz. Do you think maintenance is more complicated than applying a bit of lube now and then? Bzzzzz! Because we at BDIPC currently have more than enough. Now! If you’ll excuse us, it’s time for us to figure out what this Machine can do. 


We will be fully engaged during the Ardennes classics, and invite your take on who 2013’s Most Bangable has been thus far. Tweet us here or hashtag #BDIPC; it’s been a while! Our take on the Ronde podium can be found here. À bientôt!

There’s no denying it now: It is well and truly road season. The girls of BDIPC have eased back into the swing of things by enjoying the first of the stage races in Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico, and we now find ourselves anxiously anticipating Milan-San Remo, the first Monument of the season. Monday, we watched Peter Sagan outsprint Nibali and Purito after conquering the #sadomaso climbs that defeated so many, and though we watched him win atop many a mountain last seas on, it finally broke the spell. We realized that we’ve been placing an unfair amount of emphasis on the Dudes who excel at getting (it) up, and we have completely neglected the Dudes who descend like our panties in the presence of pros. But as any Dude can tell you, lacking the skills to go down successfully may make a moot point out of how well he got up there in the first place.

Though he must also be strong, Milan-San Remo is the rare course where how a Dude goes down is more important than how well he climbs. None of the peaks are terribly long or awfully hard; rather, it is the descents of le Mànie, the Cipressa, and the Poggio that will show us which of them are truly capital-D Dudes. When the bunch turns west, the scent of the ocean will fill their lungs for the rest of the race, and we at BDIPC suppose that perhaps they should take their cues from that olfactory memory. Going down–descending–is an equal mix of technical knowledge and innate ability, an intuition, a way of using not only one’s eyes and hands, but also reading the road’s reactions, its responses to one’s particular method of handling. A Dude must never become complacent, because the smallest error may bring him to a complete standstill, and momentum means everything when it comes to this, one day, one shot. 

In the world according to BDIPC, this Dude has already earned his upper-case D, and so we are looking forward to many, many more years of objectifying Sagan and his skills. Yet some take issue with Sagan. They see his victory celebrations as immature braggadocio, whereas we read them as a deserved display of unbridled emotion. Besides, the implication of inexperience that comes with chalking his behavior up to his youth seems unnecessarily dismissive. See, the 2013 season is young, yet Sagan has already bested Cavendish in a sprint finish, won two stages apiece at the Tour of Oman and Tirreno-Adriatico, taken second place at Strade Bianche, and now he is heading into Milan-San Remo as the odds-on favorite. In fact, the only thing Peter’s gotten wrong so far this year was his victory salute in Porto Sant’Elpido. But as ever, we’d be pleased to help right that wrong by conducting a complete appreciation of each of his appendages. All five of them

BDIPC is off to NYC for a little unsanctioned fun this weekend. See you back in Belgium for E3, Gent-Wevelgem, and Ronde van Vlaanderen. 

Though the girls of BDIPC are nowhere near over CX season, Belgium’s opening weekend is waiting patiently outside HQ with a waffle iron and a sixer of Jupiler, and, well, as we often say here at HQ, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. And road season is well underway now that Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne are here. These equally exciting, yet very different courses kick off Classics season with the just kind of bang we like best. And since Belgium so generously packs two of our favorites into a single weekend, we figured we’d return the favor by packing two of our favorite Dudes in, too. Into a single post, we mean. 


We’ve had a photo of Niki Terpstra pinned to the BDIPC corkboard long before the end of last year’s road season, and that’s a fair approximation of what we’d like to have been doing to him in the offseason. But since our season never truly ends, we’re reduced to watching Niki nail the competition–a position we’re quite unaccustomed to–at Omloop. Disappointing, really, since Omloop’s profile brings a new meaning to multiples. There are so many peaks that our abs ache just imagining it. The official profile marks ten, but that’s like a Dude massively under-billing his, ah, abilities: If you really got a load of what was coming your way, well, you might wonder if you were up for a job that size. In any case, Terpstra’s experience on the track gives him a raw, explosive sort of power that will certainly come in handy. As will we surely be. 


Sunday at Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, we’ll have our eyes all over Arnaud Démare. Finishing just off the K-B-K podium in 2012, Arnaud will certainly be returning with a fire in his loins, and that’s just the way we like him. Unlike Omloop, K-B-K teases with a slow build to an intense second half that features some legendary ascents. But where Omloop never lets up, K-B-K eases off to let the Dudes recover before the final sprint to the finish, which is where we’ll be watching for Démare to whip it out. And since Démare’s the kind of Dude who won the first World Tour race he competed in (Vattenfall Cyclassics), we’re expecting something big.


But no matter what happens this weekend, there will be no rest for the wicked. In like a lioness, March brings us Strade Bianche, Paris-Nice, and Tirreno-Adriatico, one atop the other. And then, of course, the first of the Monuments, la Primavera: Milan-San Remo. Suffice it to say what happens in Belgium won’t be staying in Belgium, and it would be wise to begin strengthening your stamina posthaste. After all, the single-day races are merely a warmup for the weeklong stage races, and those, a prelude to the Big Dance(s). Better bone up on your night moves, Dudes, the girls of BDIPC aren’t here to sleep. 

We’re not ready to say “See you in September!” quite yet, so our CX season wrapup is still in the hopper. In addition to that, we remain contractually obligated to keep the news we continue to tease you with under wraps, but trust the payoff is going to be well worth the wait. 

This week, everyone who’s anyone is on their way to the Derby City for the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships. With its bourbon bars, the nation’s only dedicated cyclocross venue, and the thousands of majestically muscular beasts that are just rarin’ to get between one’s legs, Louisville is truly the stuff that fantasies are made of. But much like high-strung and well-hung racehorses, our focus is on one specific job and our…palates, as it were…are extremely sensitive. So it should go without saying that the girls of BDIPC aren’t generally swayed by the various forms of persuasion extended to us by hopeful Dudes. But when our good friend Molly Hurford at Cyclocross Magazine sent over this outtake from her interview with Danny Summerhill, resistance was futile. 

We at BDIPC have always had a bit of a soft spot for the dark horse, and if any Dude racing for the USA fills that particular niche, it’s most certainly Danny. Picked by many as a likely discretionary selection before Nationals, his odds looked long even as we considered his multiple National cyclocross titles and the immeasurable number of, ah, podiums under his belt. Anyway, like us, luck was a lady, and like us, the USAC decided to roll Danny’s dice. But no matter what happens during the main event, Danny’s penchant for making questionable decisions in the heat of the moment makes our thoughts slide right past Sunday afternoon directly into Sunday night, when “long shot” will take on a completely different meaning. 


Although the cyclocross season is coming down the final stretch, the ever-versatile Summerhill will unfortunately not be shedding his spandex. Since he’s just as equally skilled at doing it on the pavement as he is in the dirt, he’ll be diving headfirst into a full road racing season with UHC. And as we look toward the sunny summertime road season, a hazy vision of Danny glistening with sweat, attacking a hard ascent begins to solidify in our minds. But that, my loves, is a horse of a different color. Today, we are here, in Louisville, and we are right now, and the post horn isn’t the only thing blowin’. Saddle up, Summerhill. It’s our last chance to get dirty. 


BDIPC will be reppin’ hard in Louisville. Catch us if you can, darlings. (We’re hard to miss.) But if you can’t find us at the races, you’ll definitely spot us at the #Louisville2013FOAMPARTY…we can’t WAIT to meet you! 

In cyclocross, as in road, as in life, there are the Dudes whose job it is to sacrifice a possible podium placing for the good of the more prominent Dude. On the road, they’re called domestiques, but at BDIPC HQ, we call them wingmen. Wingmen are the unsung heroes of every team, willing to go hard right from the gun on the belief that their Dude is the Dude most deserving of post-podium antics. They’re faithful, hardworking, and loyal. And though noble it may be, it became frustrating for the girls of BDIPC to watch Klaas Vantornout repeatedly blow his load far too early trying to wear the rest of the Dudes out on Kevin Pauwels’ behalf, especially as it became increasingly clear that a bit of role reversal was in order. But every night out has its end, and at last call, all bets are off. 


Though Klaas has been racing ‘cross for well over a decade, he truly only came into focus for us when he oh-so-gracefully went ass-over-teakettle at Ronse. There was something about the way he flew through the air that wet our whistles in a way we hadn’t felt in quite some time. So we kept our eyes out, then, for the big Dude in red and white. And when he held Nys off for the win at Gieten, we understood. Klaas hadn’t been blowing his load too early, after all. He was slowly building steam, letting the rest of the Dudes wear themselves out over time. He was waiting for the perfect time to peak: the Belgian National Cyclocross Championships. 


Now that Klaas has finally come out on top when it mattered, we’re left to wait and see if he’ll be able to keep it up long enough to make it all the way to Louisville in the shape he’s currently in. But right here, right now, it’s getting close to closing time. In typical fashion, the Dude of the hour left the bar long ago. The lights are coming up and those who have found themselves riding solo are milling around team parking, waiting for the sidewalk sale to begin. One of these, please! But you’ll have to tell us all about that tomorrow, won’t you? Because before you even noticed we were gone, we’d been getting Vantorn-up from the floor up for hours. Apparently Klaas isn’t the only one who’s peaking when it matters!

We at BDIPC believe the Women’s races are just as important and exciting to follow as the Dudes’. Unfortunately, the UCI doesn’t agree, which has resulted in many notable exclusions from European nations. Please show your support and join us in signing this petition. We’ve upped our standards, UCI. Now up yours! 

None of the girls of BDIPC will admit to being a sucker for overly romantic gestures, but long ago, we witnessed one we particularly appreciated. A woman wrote one thing she loved about her Dude on each page of a blank book. Though it was filled with charming, thoughtful, and largely boring items, there was one we remember in particular: The way your beard feels scratchy on my thighs. We’ll wait for a few moments for you to work through the tingles that word picture evokes. And although we at BDIPC still imagine that gift’s recipient and giver, you don’t have to. Allow us to introduce to you the follicularly-talented Dude that is Robert Marion


The northerly location of BDIPC HQ means that CX season is beard season. But for some reason, it remains rare to see a Dude at this level of competition sporting a beard we want to sink our fingers into. Why is that, exactly? Are the Dudes we know and love physically unable to sprout a beard that doesn’t look like they Mastik-ed their leg-shaving scraps onto their faces? Do they believe it’s not aerodynamic? Well, when Robert took the third step of the podium on the second day of the Chicago Cyclocross Cup’s New Year’s Resolution races last weekend, he put that idea to bed, and our minds quickly followed suit. After all, you know that we at BDIPC think there’s nothing like some truly majestic facial hair to make us think a Dude worthy of mounting our podium. (Those massive shoulders trying to bust out of his skinsuit don’t hurt either. Don’t be shy, shoulders. Come on out.)


Robert obviously knows how to dominate the CX field, but he’s also been a prominent fixture on the XC MTB scene for several years. This is a two-part bonus in our eyes: Not only is he experienced in getting down in the dirt, but he’s well-versed on getting down in the dirt for hours on end. Now, according to his USAC stats, our paths overlapped at both CrossVegas and Gloucester this year. We can’t imagine how we possibly could have overlooked this glorious DudeBeast twice in a single season, but forgive us our omissions. We’re hard at work, filling more than just a blank book with the things we like about Robert (and his) Redbeard. Like, could a river run through it? We wouldn’t mind finding out. 


The girls of BDIPC are off to #CXNats this weekend, after which we swear to give you that double-team we promised. Fingers crossed…! 

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